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Most Business Owners make one BIG mistake when trying to use Facebook Ads…Not tapping into the power of VIDEO.


Video is the #1 most effective and cheapest way to get to the largest number of people.
But you've got to do it right...

Stop feeling frustrated with Facebook Ads.
Because you've found the right tool.

We've taken 15 years of Strategic Business Marketing and Facebook Advertising to create this BeSeen Facebook Training.  And it works for any industry:



So here’s the thing...
Everybody talks about video ... but not many people know how to use it the right way...

  • How to create videos the easy way
  • To get the RIGHT people clicking on their ads
  • To get new clients and sales
  • To get a positive return from Facebook Ads

Because it's not as easy as it looks.... (but we can help with that!)

What do most people miss?


If you want to do these things....

Get to MORE people FAST

Attract the RIGHT people

Get bang for buck

Then video ads are for you.

Over 20 years in Marketing and Advertising has shown us that video is where it's at. Plus it's the cheapest. 😊 

Let’s take a look at what you are probably doing right now…

and don’t feel bad about any of this – we'll show you how to fix it.

  • Organic Posts - and getting no sales
  • Boosting Posts - fastest way to rip up money...
  • Putting up dodgy ads - losing cash 

It's so frustrating, right?
Doesn't need to be though...

What you need is to attract the RIGHT sort of people to your business. Quality, interested, GENUINE leads.
People who:

  1. 1
    Relate to the problem you are solving
  2. 2
    Want to fix that problem
  3. 3
    Are motivated to pay for fixing that problem

That's where BeSeen will help.

It will change everything.

Here's how BeSeen Training Works.

1. Follow the course - it's simple to understand

2. Make your business be seen

3. Make people click 

... and make people buy.

And here’s the best bit – you don’t have to be a Facebook Ads Expert to set it up.

It's only $27 to get your business in front of thousands of people.

Get a proven system that's got:

Thousands of dollars in sales
Quality, confirmed bookings
Strong ROI in increased revenue growth

Here's how BeSeen works - just 3 easy steps!

  • Create compelling story telling videos
  • Push them out to Facebook & Instagram
  • Tell more people about your business!

This training is perfect for you if you’re:

  • A MARKETING MANAGER for a business who has to master Facebook Ads themselves...

  • A BUSINESS OWNER who has never had to advertise before, but realises that they only way to explode your business awareness is with Facebook Ads
  • An ENTREPRENEUR who wants to know the best way of getting their new gig out there without breaking the bank….
  • A HUSBAND or WIFE who wants to help your partner’s business by learning some foundational Facebook advertising skills …

What's in BeSeen Facebook Ads Course?

Who this course is for

  • Trades & Beauty Services
  • Fitness Studios
  • Professional Services 
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Travel
  • Auto Services
  • High ticket retail, especially in home improvements....
  • Any business who wants to BE SEEN 

This is for YOU!

The Value you get

  • BeSeen Facebook Ads Training Program Valued at $197
  • Audience Tracking Spreadsheet Valued at $97
  • Pixel Overview Cheat Sheet Valued at $27
  • Audience Targeting Cheat Sheet Valued at $42
  • Facebook Retargeting Workbook Valued at $27
  • Easy Video Checklist Valued at $27

PACKED with goodies!

Here's why we created this course.

I’m Phoebe Wright, Creative Director and Facebook Ad Strategist for WhiteSpace Marketing.

We are a full service marketing agency who specialise in Facebook Ads for clients all around the world.

Over the last 4 years of focusing on Facebook Ads, understanding the customer journey, when people are ready to buy, and how to attract them to become a quality lead, my agency has generated tens of thousands of dollars of sales for our clients.

And we want to help you do the same. You can do it.

By starting with the right foundations, and setting you up to get a positive return on your ad spend with this proven strategy.

Plus ... we're not going to give you steak knives... but you WILL get some super dooper bonuses!

Customer Avatar Worksheet
Nothing to do with the movie about blue people.... this is a worksheet designed to help you quickly identify who you want to talk to.

Keyword Worksheet
How do you know which words to use in your ads, and in your videos? With this handy keyword tool... makes it super easy to nut out the words that are going to resonate with your audience!

Headline Worksheet
Your ad headline is SUPER important - it's what gets a user to understand what you are offering... this helps you understand the formula to get the best headlines!

Here's what one of our students said about BeSeen...

“Thank goodness I found this training!"

“I didn't realise just how much was involved in running Facebook & Instagram ads...

After muddling around with other courses, and trying to work things out myself, I was so happy to find this training. This program was so easy to understand, which helped me get ads up and running in no time!"

Josephine H

If you’ve tried other Facebook Programs before…

We've all heard the horror stories. People signing up for programs that over-promised, and under-delivered. This isn't one of those. Here's why.

22 Easy-To-Follow VIDEOS

DOWNLOADABLE pdfs (for those visual learners 😉)

Cheat Sheets and Work Sheets

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