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Increase Your Memberships & Class Bookings for Martial Arts, Pilates, Zumba and Fitness Clubs!

Confidently and CONSISTENTLY grow your Fitness Business

Get More Members FASTER with the Affordable Strategy That Works

Use the System that is ALREADY PROVEN to be Successful for other Health Clubs


How We Get Consistent Results For Gym and Fitness Studio Owners


You’re busy running your gym or studio, right?


And you’re trying everything that you can think of to increase your membership, and get more bookings consistently for your fitness classes.


But nothing is delivering the way you want.


It’s ups and downs – nothing that you can confidently grow your business on, nothing that makes you excited about the future.


Nothing is delivering what you need the most - a consistent stream of leads to your business, week in, week out.


You've been racking your brains, trying to work out how to invest marketing dollars where you are going to get a return, but it just feels like you're clutching at straws. And it's exhausting, right?


Plus, trying to learn what the best marketing methods are, and keeping up with technology takes up time - time that you need to focus on looking after your business.


It feels like you're playing a game of chance, right?

Well now you can stop playing that game.


And get excited. Seriously excited.


Because we have developed an online advertising system, specifically built around Facebook and Instagram ESPECIALLY for gyms and fitness studios.


An affordable, results-focused system that displays your unique business to a targeted group of prospects, and turns them into paying customers. Day in, day out. Week in, week out.


And the best thing about it?  You can get on with doing what you do best. Running your business.

"We Generated 48 sign ups in 4.5 weeks with Facebook Ads!"

"I've been in the fitness industry since 1999, as a co-owner of a Crossfit business on the Gold Coast.


Back then, there wasn't a lot of competition around. It was easy to get new clients, simpley because there were less fitness businesses to chose from.


One of our biggest problems was that we were getting heaps of traffic to our website, but very little of it was converting into enquiries, and customers.


We invested with WhiteSpace,and they helped us understand who our ideal target market was, redesigned our website home page, and created email sequences for new and existing clients.

After these changes were made, we immediately say a jump in new clients.


Once this was ready, we started a dedicated Facebook Ad strategy - we would highly recommend WhiteSpace to other businesses, because they understand how to use your website and Facebook Ads to turn it into a real sales asset for your business.


We got 48 sign ups in 4.5 weeks for the $29 trial program, and we converted 95% of them into full paying members. And then, we generated another 41 new leads in 20 days!

Our membership costs range from $2000- $2400 per year, so we definitely achieved a positive ROI!"



'Our class bookings have increased by ten times!'

When we started working with Simon, he was spending a lot of time and money trialing different ways of marketing. We analysed what he was spending, and where, and starting funneling it to the website, where we implemented a tracking system for remarketing.


Simon's client bookings immediately increased.


We then started finding new clients, through telling more people, and commenced nurturing them through a process to become actual clients.


As Simon witnessed, there is far more to Facebook and Instagram advertising than boosting posts and hoping to get money in the door.


We used our proven strategy to deliver results to Simon - we can do the same for you!


Who we are

Do you want to know who you will be working with?

Us. The owners and managers of WhiteSpace Marketing. We believe in bringing our years of business, marketing and creative experience (over 50 collectively, but who's counting...) to each and every business who walks in our door.

Either the whole kit and caboodle - or just whenever you need a little help.

While we specialise in Facebook Advertising, some of our clients trust us to do everything for them, from branding, web, social media management, you name it. Others just need some guidance from time to time, or a special project that needs a professional touch. It's always up to you.

We put in the effort to understand your business and your objectives.

Great creative ideas are worthless if they don't support the business objectives.

Every marketing activity needs to have a clear strategy behind it. Including your Facebook advertising.

From your website to your social media activities - everything is planned, designed and created to support your business goals. And we get results.


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