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ATTENTION Heath & Fitness Professionals...

Want To Consistently Generate Quality Leads for Your Fitness Studio or Gym?

Like turning on a tap?

Are you FRUSTRATED trying to get consistent leads for your Fitness Studio or Gym?
Discover how we GENERATED $15,000 REVENUE from just $1,000 Ad Spend! That's $15 back for every $1 invested.


--- Here's how we do it ----


'Our Class Bookings & Revenues have increased by 10 times!'


When Simon brought us into his Fitness Studio, he was WASTING TIME & MONEY.

He was HOPING that some of his organic posting and boosting was going to strike it lucky, and get some new customers. And frankly, spending money blindly without any tracking or measuring.


It was a lot of ‘hit and miss’, and in all honesty, Simon ended up wasting $000's. 


Sounding familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – there are hundreds of fitness business owners feeling frustrated and helpless like this.


In fact, 90% of business owners who do their own Facebook marketing FAIL, throwing vast sums of money away unnecessarily.


So, what happens next? You go to a 'Facebook Guru.'


They don't have any real marketing experience, are super technical, you don't really understand what they are doing, and it has ended in tears.



Like many 'gurus', there was no real marketing depth to their strategy, they didn't tell you how they were spending YOUR money, and most importantly, didn't get you results.



And let's face it - it's all about results. We know, as an experienced agency, that our reputation is built on getting results for clients, so our ENTIRE game-plan is built on that.


Ultimately, we go BEYOND just doing the ads, we develop a relationship that is all about the wellbeing of our clients businesses.


For the long term.



The outcome of NOT having an agency like us on board?


Anxiety. No control. No real business growth plan.


You know it, don't you.



If you DO know this, then keep reading to see how we changed everything to generate $15,000 revenue from just $1,000 ad spend...⬇️⬇️


(Plus... if you are sick and tired of feeling frustrated, there is a Special Limited Time Offer further down the page....)

What we did


Step 1 - Building a marketing strategy to bring prospects into Simon's website, where we implemented a tracking system for remarketing - showing ads to people who have engaged previously, to keep reminding them.


You know how when you check out a business website you start seeing their advertising? Well, that's what we did for Simon.


By tracking all campaigns and web traffic, we identified the best prospects are, and then advertised specifically to them - this is powerful advertising, and it's only done via Facebook!



Simon's client bookings IMMEDIATELY increased.



Step 2- Finding NEW clients. People who may not have heard of Simon’s business, but might be very interested in it.


We did this by focusing on the benefits of his business, why he was different, how he could help people, and what he had done for others.


With Simon, we developed an attractive offer to encourage trial, and commenced nurturing them through a process to become actual clients.


We quickly achieved prospects taking up the offer, and by including an email sequence with a lot of proof for credibility, assisted in converting these prospects into becoming full paying, long term clients.



Our ad campaign spent $1,000.

From that $1,000 we got over 30 leads.

Simon converted 30 leads into 15 new members.

Each member is worth $1,000.

That's $15,000 Revenue.

It's a no-brainer, right?



As Simon witnessed, there is far more to Facebook and Instagram advertising than boosting posts sporadically. Because a serious marketing strategy is not based on having your fingers crossed, wishing and hoping!



So. Do you want results like these?

We can help YOU achieve them. Get in touch. 


How We Get Consistent Results For Gym and Fitness Studio Owners


You’re busy running your gym or studio, right?


And you’re trying everything that you can think of to increase your membership, and get more bookings consistently for your fitness classes.


Because, let's face it, you are FANTASTIC at your job. Brilliant. But when it comes to marketing, you're clutching at straws.


And nothing is delivering the way you want, the way you need for you to reach your business goals, your vision.


It’s ups and downs – nothing that you can confidently grow your business on, nothing that makes you excited about the future.


You're just not getting what you need the most - a consistent stream of leads to your business, week in, week out.


You've been racking your brains, trying to work out how to invest marketing dollars where you are going to get a return, but it just feels like you're pinning the tail on the donkey. On the wrong spot. And it's exhausting, right?


Plus, trying to learn what the best marketing methods are, and keeping up with technology takes up time - time that you need to focus on looking after your business.


It feels like you're playing a game of chance, right?

Stop playing. Start getting excited.

Because there is a way. And it works.




Because we have developed an Online Advertising System, a FRAMEWORK specifically built around Facebook and Instagram.

And it's ESPECIALLY for Gyms and Fitness Studios.


An System that shows YOUR business to a TARGETED group of PROSPECTS, and turns them in members.


Members who pay you money.


Day in, day out. Week in, week out.


And the best thing about it?  You can get on with doing what you do best. Running your business.




If you decide that you would like to consistently grow your Fitness Business, ready for a fantastic 2019, and you are ready to start THIS MONTH, you are in luck:


This month only, we are waiving our set-up fees.


The savings to you? Close to $2,000. You can't afford to wait - so get moving NOW. But this offer will expire March 31, and once it has finished, it has finished. No extensions. Don't wait, get in touch with us today.

--- What a happy client said ----


We got 48 sign ups in 4.5 weeks for the $29 trial program, and we converted 95% of them into full paying members. And then, we generated another 41 new leads in 20 days!

Our membership costs range from $2000- $2400 per year, so we definitely achieved a positive ROI!"


"I've been in the fitness industry since 1999, as a co-owner of a Crossfit business on the Gold Coast.


Back then, there wasn't a lot of competition around. It was easy to get new clients, simply because there were less fitness businesses to chose from.


One of our biggest problems was that we were getting heaps of traffic to our website, but very little of it was converting into enquiries, and customers.


We invested with WhiteSpace,and they helped us understand who our ideal target market was, redesigned our website home page, and created email sequences for new and existing clients.

After these changes were made, we immediately saw a jump in new clients.


Once this was ready, we started a dedicated Facebook Ad strategy - we would highly recommend WhiteSpace to other businesses, because they understand how to use your website and Facebook Ads to turn it into a real sales asset for your business.



Why WhiteSpace focuses on Practical, Results-Driven Marketing Strategies to make your life easier.

If you have read to this point, then you are definitely looking for someone to help get control of your marketing, to get better results from your activities, especially Facebook Ads - and in the Fitness Industry, they are by far the most effective and powerful method of growing your business.


And really, you just want someone who gets on with it, to get the job done. Right?


--- Someone to leave you alone to get on with running your business...


--- Someone who takes the time to understand your business, and what you want to do with it


--- Someone who gives you solutions to market it in language that makes sense...

That’s where we come in.


Fuss free answers for marketing your business with Facebook Advertising


Our senior team members have over 20 years experience in marketing, sales and business, which is why our clients come back to us again and again.



They know that we ask the right questions to create a perfect Facebook Marketing strategy and calendar of activities for their specific business, and that all the activities are 100% focused on your business objectives.



We love seeing our clients grow their business, and with our help, gain control of their marketing.


One of the main reasons that our clients come back to us time and time again is that they deal with us, the directors of the business. That, and the fact that the we are straight-forward, no-nonsense, and just get things done… Plus we have some cracker ideas ... just sayin'...



Do we sound like the kind of people you want to work with?



Then you know what to do. Let's chat.


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