Tourism Industry Data Acquisition -
Tourism Industry Data Acquisition

Tourism Data Acquisition Campaign


OBJECTIVE | To grow the Email Database for ongoing marketing opportunities
APPROACH | WhiteSpace, together with the client, developed a competition promoting the region, and created multiple ad formats and copy to generate large numbers of entries at an acceptable cost.

RESULTS | 15,121 email addresses added to the database, in 28 days, for 36c per optin. The standard benchmark for this type of objective is $1.40 
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HOW WE ACHIEVED RESULTS | WhiteSpace developed a Facebook & Instagram Ad structure that used a multitude of creative formats, and tested out a range of copy – long form and short form.
This approach meant that we were able to learn what our audience engaged with best, and were able to focus the media spend on that ads.  We also updated the campaign towards the prize draw date to promote urgency and compel more people to enter at the last minute. Want to know if this could work for your tourism body? Easy.
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