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Tourism | Wellness Retreat Facebook Sales

Tourism | Wellness Retreat Facebook Sales



SNAPSHOT | A Wellness Retreat wanted a structured, scaleable approach to their Facebook and Instagram advertising.

CHALLENGE | The challenge was to continue showing benefits of the retreat to customers at every level of consideration, to show the facility off without being beige, and to pull them in through a funnel to purchase online, without any human intervention.

OBJECTIVE |  To education consumers about the facility, build trust with them, and convince them to purchase online.

APPROACH |  We started with a range of videos, taking a different approach from most retreats. The approach was based on humour, and the need for people to get some time to themselves. Once we got engagement, we moved these ads to the hottest audience, where they started converting. Our audiences were based on previous purchasers, engaged audiences, interests. We built a range of ads with social proof, building trust at all levels of interaction.





Keeping the paid content nice and fresh is vital in this space, including testimonials, real stories of inspiration, pieces that regular people can relate to. If a consumer is going to pay between $800 – $1800 for 3 – 5 days away, they need to have complete faith in the business they are buying from.

RESULTS |  After warming audience up, in just one week we achieved  9.48 ROAS

— Selling over $8k of bookings
— $850 ad spend
— Over 124k impressions
— ‘Above Average’ Quality Rankings
— Average $4.70 CPM
— Most importantly, happy client!

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