How to generate over 10X ROI from Ad Spend from Lead Generation For Your High Ticket Item...

( without having to rely on costly print or traditional media)

Are you FRUSTRATED by trying to generate QUALITY leads that CONVERT for your high ticket lifestyle retail business?

Check out the results we've been able to get clients BELOW, and lock in your FREE strategy session today to discuss your online marketing needs.

This spa business sold 40 spas in a 4 day sale, generating $130,000!

This spa business was not utilising online sales and traffic. They were doing Facebook ads, without the right foundations in place, so were throwing money down the drain by not retargeting, tracking or measuring.

By getting their website traffic ready, getting the right pieces in place, we were able to generate brand awareness, get offers out to new customers, loyalty offers to existing customers to bring them back into the store.  

Backyard Basketball Court Lead Generation, 30 leads for $75 per lead, for a price point of $17,500 on average.

This backyard sports court business wanted to grow awareness, and generate leads to sell their range of using Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads.

We spend 3 weeks building awareness through strategic paid content campaigns, using video, stills and slideshows. This was followed with offers being shown to interested parties, and to date has generated 30 leads for their sales team.

We drove an additional $17,000 of sales through using Facebook Offers in 1 month, for $2,436 Ad Spend.

This US, multi-site pool and spa shop wanted more in-store traffic, and to generate additional repeat business.

We created a limited time offer to bring people in, and encourage additional repeat business, delivering increased foot traffic and sales worth over $17k.

This car dealership wanted more qualified leads, our campaign generated over 70 leads, at $16 per lead, generating over $250,000 in new car sales.

This car dealership had been using Facebook ads without any specific targeting strategies or audience specifics. We created ads that garnered attention and engagement, and retargeted with offers to generate leads - leads being name, phone number, email and which car they would be interested in.

The sales team were able to convert 9 of the 70 leads into new car sales, generating over $250,000 worth of new car sales with an ad spend of $1,120.

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WhiteSpace Marketing

We Help High Ticket Retail Businesses Build their Revenues through Facebook Ads & Quality Lead Generation

You know Facebook ads is the key to automating and growing your business, but frankly - you have NO CLUE how to even go about selling your inventory, or incorporating a proven Facebook Framework into your marketing activity mix.

If you've ever tried Facebook ads before, you'll understand exactly how much more complicated they really are - and that doing them wrong will end up costing thousands of dollars. We let business owners and marketing managers focus on their zone of genius by taking the whole process off their hands.  

We'll build your funnel, establish your targeting, put together your ad creative, and then monitor and test it all until we crack the results you're after!  

The structure of our team makes it work, plus our extensive business experience and acumen means you're not dealing with a 'one-hit-wonder' - we take the well being of your business very seriously!


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