Email marketing.

It’s like the dinosaur 🦕 of digital marketing, right? But get this.

In 2021, statistics tell us that email marketing campaigns generate $38 for every $1 spent. What the actual?

That’s 3,800% ROI – and I know that any marketer would be super happy to show those results over to clients!

Now stats like that sound too good to be true, right?

Well, here are a couple of our own…


Professional Services Business Email Marketing Services

One of our email marketing clients was in touch the other day about the campaigns we have been running for them for the last three years.

‘Can you please remind me when the emails are going out?”
Sure thing, we replied.
“That’d be great – the phone always rings off the hook for the next couple of days after it goes out, so we just need to be ready.”

Ecommerce Email Marketing Campaign

Another client, in ecomm, has said there is a massive increase in product sales after an email campaign has gone out, and dramatic increases in traffic to the website. Which works beautifully for the retargeting campaigns…


105 BILLION emails are sent every day though, so it’s not like a no-brainer.
The key is all about getting your recipient to do their thing and play their part – to open the email, to click through, and to go into the larger funnel marketing strategy at large.


5 Tips To Get Email Marketing Right

So here’s some tips for you to get it working like a well oiled machine.

1 | Personalise.  Who wants to read an email campaign that starts off with ‘Dear Sir / Madam’ or ‘To Whom It May Concern’? No-one. Talk to them directly with personalisation.

2 |  It’s not a sales letter, it’s a conversation. We are bombarded constantly from every which angle – so the words that are going to cut through better are the ones which we feel are speaking directly with us. To us. About us.  Imagine that you are talking your recipient on the phone, and go from there.

3 | The Elusive Subject Line….. this is key. 47% of recipients will decide to open your email (or not!) based on the subject line. But also, 69% will report as spam based on that as well – so it’s a fine line people. There are a number of methods, like FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), curiosity, greed, using numbers…  Test and measure, see what resonates with your particular audience, and go from there.

4 |  Optimise for all devices. We are a time-poor, fabulously busy lot all monitoring our phones 24/7 so make sure that your email marketing strategy looks top notch on mobiles.

5 | CTA, CTA, CTA. For those not up-to-date with marketing speak, that means ‘Call-To-Action’. Getting people to actually do something. You’re not writing and creating this email marketing campaign without wanting something back, right?

If you are an ecommerce store, then the CTA is an offer – a time-dependent discount for example. If you are a services business, then maybe you want to drive your recipient to your website to go into your retargeting strategy on Facebook and Google. Or maybe you would like them to download something. Know what you want, and compel your reader to do it.


So don’t write the old dinosaur off. In fact, this old beast is going to get more and more important in the scheme of things, so make sure you have an email marketing campaign strategy in place.

And don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help.