We reckon you want an honest approach with a sprinkling of attitude, from people who don’t waste time - because that’s just really annoying.

That’d be us.

We actually give a shit.

We don’t take every job just for the sake of a few bucks.

Some people don’t think that matters - but it does so much.

If we don’t think we can help, we will point you in the right direction.

We aren’t princesses.

We’re business people who run a marketing agency.
What does that mean for you?

It means that every single thing we do for you is about achieving your business objectives. If it doesn’t support your goals, we just don’t do it.

We’re always evolving.

We’re part of a mastermind of over 100 agencies who run a marketing agency.

Why is that a benefit?

Because when you work with us, you aren’t getting the skills of just one Marketing agency, you are getting the skills of 100 global marketing agency leaders. Pretty cool, hey.

We do what we are very, very good at.

Whilst we can help with most marketing, we don’t do everything.

Why is that relevant?

Because you can’t be good at everything – we are really REALLY good at what we do, so we find partners who are really REALLY good at what they do if we need to

Some important info about us...

We’ve been around since 2003 (yes we’re mature) so we’re not flashy ‘fly-by-nighters’.

We start with finding out what you want to do, what you want to
achieve, and work out which activities will be the best strategy for you, there are no cookie cutters here.

We find out what other marketing you have done before, what has worked, what hasn’t.

We know which questions to ask so we can create the best design for web or print, craft the right messaging, launch the campaign that converts, for your target audience.

We identify opportunities that others may not see…

Because here’s the actual thing ... this shouldn’t be a drain on you.
It’s all about making your life easier.
Full stop.

And the best way to do that is to strategise, create and execute the marketing that your business needs.

MD Scott is the strategy behind the business – he works out the numbers, is all over meeting objectives, exceeding expectations, and keeping projects on track.

His experience of running a blue-chip $600M company means that he cuts straight to the point, and thinks outside the box for ideas that are both logical and original, and (here's the kicker) practical.

No nonsense.
Black and white. No bull.

Co-founder Phoebe is the creative lead – she and her creative team get excited by big ideas and are OBSESSED about seeing ads come to life with the perfect ad images, and killer copy.

When you start talking to her about your business, you’ll find her starting to work out just how to make it look absolutely stellar, and appeal to that perfect market.

It doesn’t matter if that is on a website, on a brochure, developing a new brand, or creating ad campaigns that stop thumbs.

Design Gun Dana

Dana has been with the WhiteSpace Marketing team for nearly 3 years, and is a graphic gun. Web design, brochures, annual reports, stationery, promotional pieces - she does it all.

Ads Guru Nikki

Nikki came to us after working with some incredible international brands, and knows her way around Business Manager like the back of her hand. If you look up the definition of organised, you'll see a pic of her!

Copy Queen Toni

Copywriters are a key part of the WhiteSpace Marketing team - our lead Toni brings years of experience in crafting copy unique for each client, nailing tone, personality and hooks.

Master Grig

Grig leads our tech team, overseeing the developers, animators, and making sure that buttons work, sites looking amazing, and bringing our designs to life.

Our experience working with WhiteSpace Marketing has been nothing short of exceptional.

TriCare has been working with WhiteSpace Marketing for the past few months, and our experience has been nothing short of exceptional.
Their team’s expertise in digital marketing, especially in managing paid campaigns on Meta and Google, has resulted in quality leads and a lower CPL.
Not only is Whitespace knowledgeable and results-driven, but their proactive communication and commitment have made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. We highly recommend Whitespace.

Leilani Johansen | TriCare

WhiteSpace delivers amazing work – we highly recommend them!

What a dynamic duo Scott & Phoebe are, and their team is just as good! Their work is amazing, they are the loveliest people to deal with and their pricing is on point. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Amy & Geoff Smith | Prestige Plunge Pools

I wholeheartedly recommend WhiteSpace Marketing to anyone seeking a dedicated partner in navigating the dynamic world of marketing.

What truly sets WhiteSpace Marketing apart is their unique blend of professionalism and approachability. Phoebe, Scott and the WhiteSpace Marketing team not only possess a profound understanding of the intricacies of digital marketing but also bring a warmth and accessibility to their interactions that make collaboration a genuine pleasure. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every facet of their work. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking a dedicated partner in navigating the dynamic world of marketing.

Cody McCracken | Business Manager Jawoyn Association

They understand our business needs and have been great at communicating and implementing their ideas.

They understand our business needs and have been great at communicating and implementing their ideas. They have proven their capabilities and knowledge through delivering OUTSTANDING RESULTS that help us achieve our goals, results like achieving 293 leads at $31 per lead, generating up to $146,500 worth of student enrolments.

Julie | Marketing Manager | Aviation Australia

Impressive, and first class.

The new website is very impressive. It is first class in every way.
Well done to everyone involved.

Board Member | Community Services Organisation

WhiteSpace are far more than a creative advertising agency.

They bring a level of experience and knowledge in understanding how to  use marketing towards delivering business objectives, and have an ability to cut straight to the point and get results.

Stephen Copplin, Brisbane Angels | Fifth Eagle

WhiteSpace took a complex business, and broke it down into clever streamlined marketing strategies.

The whole team has embraced this manageable and appropriate strategy, where previously we had struggled.

Rebecca Culverhouse, CEO | Accoras

We’ve been working with Whitespace for many years and have enjoyed results not delivered by larger agencies.

The team at Whitespace are leaders in their space and deliver first class results. They get to the bottom of your business with a minimum of fuss and uncover meaningful insights to drive your brand and marketing.


Rodger Powell, MD | THSA

We are thrilled with our website, it’s been a fantastic experience.

We felt very comfortable with Scott and Phoebe and the WhiteSpace Marketing team from the word go.They were in regular contact and we are thrilled with our website and the follow up service provided for any changes we have wanted to make, plus they provided training videos to enable us to make our own updates, it’s been fantastic.

Angela Manteit, Owner | Drive Accident Solutions

Well done WhiteSpace, that was a ‘blooming bonkers’ campaign delivering amazing stats! 

Well done WhiteSpace, that was a ‘blooming bonkers’ campaign with a million different creatives, so we are very grateful. Some amazing stats, including 13,936 landing page views at just 0.50c per, and 75,569 video watches – leading to over 80% of the 38 events being sold out!

Allison Wallace, Marketing | Visit Sunshine Coast

Your team delivered amazing results for our data acquisition campaign!

At our quarterly digital marketing committee meeting, our board members couldn’t believe the amazing results from our data acquisition campaign – over 15,000 email optins in just under 4 weeks, at 0.31c per optin. WhiteSpace, you have outdone yourselves.

Tracey, Marketing Manager | Visit Sunshine Coast

WhiteSpace have delivered on our latest Facebook campaign again.

WhiteSpace have delivered on our latest Facebook campaign again, supporting our radio and press marketing for our recent sale and helping us achieve record sales for our dealerships.  Our most recent campaign with them delivered 263 leads at just $13 per lead, with 25% converting to car sales. WhiteSpace continues to make our lives easier, with proactivity, reliability, and consistently high service levels.

Cass, Marketing Manager | Auto Dealership

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