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Marketing 101
for today.

What times we live in. The world is changing around us every day. And frankly, many of us are fighting the constant challenge not to get overwhelmed or frozen (analysis paralysis anyone?).

While we are in a state of constant change and flux, there are some constants -especially in the world of marketing.

In this article, we are going to focus on 9 key points to remember when you are trying to navigate the new normal in terms of your marketing.

Readying for the recovery ramp up.

Now that the corner has started to turn, what do we do?

How can we breathe life back into our businesses, especially when we are in the Tourism, Hospitality and Travel industry?

Remember, this is an industry that has taken hit after hit since December last year, and every time it thought it could take a step back to a sense of ‘normality’, it was quickly shown that wasn’t the case.

But here we are, on the slowly but surely flattening curve, and at the moment, there is a glimmer of hope.

Think outside the box.
Go digital. It’s time.

We’re part of a mastermind of over 100 agencies who run a marketing agency.

Why is that a benefit?

Because when you work with us, you aren’t getting the skills of just one Marketing agency, you are getting the skills of 100 global marketing agency leaders. Pretty cool, hey.

5 Ways for Restaurants to change & adapt right now.

Where there are hard times ahead, there are also opportunities – sometimes they are hard to see, so I’d like to help out with some ideas for you.

In this article, we’re going to talk about restaurants and hospitality, and offer 5 ways to differentiate from your usual offering, to change things up, and how to tell people about it in today’s current environment based on take-away and delivery.

Because in this space, or really any sort of businesses, this is a time to seek out NEW WAYS of doing business.