Where there are hard times ahead, there are also opportunities – sometimes they are hard to see, so I’d like to help out with some ideas for you.

In this article, we’re going to talk about restaurants and hospitality, and offer 5 ways to differentiate from your usual offering, to change things up, and how to tell people about it in today’s current environment based on take-away and delivery.

Because in this space, or really any sort of businesses, this is a time to seek out NEW WAYS of doing business.

On the digital platforms, we are seeing behaviours change already. In the last couple of days there has been a MASSIVE surge on both Instagram and Facebook engagement.

So we want to help you take advantage of whatever you can, so your restaurant or bar can ride this, and bounce back, stronger than ever.
Here are some ideas to help you do just that.

5 Marketing Ideas To Help You Adapt

1 | Promote your restaurant on socials

  • Usage and time spent on Facebook and Instagram is exploding, so NOW is the time to get your content up there. Today. This minute.
  • Then, when it is up and running, put some money behind that content to get out to your local market.
    • Set up an ad campaign through FB ads manager with an Awareness Objective like Reach, or Brand awareness, or if you have video, use Video Views. This will be the cheapest way of getting to the most people, fast.
  • The bonus to this is that when the dust settles, locals will be even more aware of your brand and your business, and you will start the recovery from a place of strength.

2 | Gift cards and vouchers

  • Pre-sell vouchers and offers to be redeemed in the future
  • With every table or delivery bill, offer to pre-sell a dollar amount that can be used anytime in the next 12 months
    • For example, give a free main meal with the next order
  • This will help keep your cashflow going, and of course generate repeat business for the future

3 | Create prepaid packages

  • Is your restaurant more family oriented?
    • Create easy to order and delivery family meal packages chock full of value
  • If you’re more a ‘couples’ venue, develop packages that cater for that market, and maybe throw in a bottle of wine – with the whole lot being dropped off at their front door.
  • If you have regulars, you could potentially pre-sell 2 or 4 packaged up meal deals per month, that are automatically delivered on a certain night each week.
  • This will help give you some stability for cashflow projections.

4 | Email & SMS Marketing

  • With people at home, email open rates may experience an increase in open rate.
  • Send out newsletters & SMS with your latest offers regularly
  • Include vouchers or value ads in these communication to entice custom
  • By using multiple touchpoints, you have a far greater chance of cutting through

5 | Messenger Marketing

  • Get to people on their phones with your takeaway / delivery menu available in the Messenger platform
  • Have an ‘easy order’ link to the messenger on your FB page and Website
  • If you can afford it, put some money into an ad for your local area.
  • Open rates and engagement is much higher than email, so this is an opportunity to increase sales.

6 | The MOST important thing to do … add value.

  • Add value, but resist discounting.
  • The best offer for ANY restaurant is always, Buy One Get One Free
    • When a family orders 3 main dishes, throw in an extra one for free if the order cost is over a certain amount.
    • Or add a voucher with all orders for a dollar amount to be taken off any future orders.
  • Continue to offer beautiful food and amazing service, just add a sweetener into the deal to get future commitment.

Also, remember:

  • People still eat with their eyes – use beautiful imagery in every piece of marketing you do.
  • It’s your chance to show your uniqueness and originality with your offers
  • Take the opportunity to be compassionate and flexible at every opportunity – empathy is key
  • Be upfront about what you are offering, and make sure you tell people openly about your safety and hygiene practices.

Always remember to give your customers a relaxing and enjoyable experience, potentially a reprieve from the news of the day.  Do that well today, and they will return time and time again in the future.

And please, stay calm, and stay safe.
If there is any way that we can help, get in touch.