Want to build your brand, credibility & authority using email and content marketing?

It sounds like a boring time-consuming hassle, and for you as a business owner, it probably is.  But this is the ABSOLUTE BASE LEVEL marketing that every business must do to grow. And that’s where we come in.


Email marketing (EDMs). It’s boring, but it works.

Email Marketing is just one of those things that works. Here’s the thing though – you have to actually do it. And if you’re a business owner, CEO, MD or founder with a long term vision of growth, then this is the very first step to ongoing communication with customers.

Do your clients know the full range of services or products that you offer? Tell them, every month.

Do they know who you have been working with over the last year or so? Tell them, every month.

Do you have services that will make their lives easier? Tell them in a way that they can relate to.

Your email list is gold – don’t waste the opportunity to communicate and be top of mind when they need you.

Organic Social Media Posting.

Creating relevant content  for your social media pages, whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, well it’s always a challenge for business owners.

It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by what to say when you are in thick of your day-to-day.

Sorry, but it’s one of those things that just must be done, and here’s why:

  1. Your followers will be reminded of you, and
  2. If someone is checking you out, and you haven’t posted for 6 months? They’re probably going to go elsewhere because you’re not active.

Don’t waste your time working on content when you can easily outsource it.

Paid Social Media – showing your content to new people

Your email marketing and organic content is important, but let’s not forget that it is going to people who already know you. That’s valuable, because you’re education them as to different services and keeping the relationship current.

But we want to show new people that you exist, and send them to your website. And that’s where our ‘Always-On’ campaign structure comes in, We can target prospects with specific interests in specific locations and show them educational content or case studies which isn’t sales-y, to grow awareness and reach.

It’s just another part of the foundation marketing activities to building long term growth and awareness.

Retargeting or remarketing. Gotta have it.

All of these activities have a common goal – sending people to the website, Why do you ask? So we can create an audience of people who have been to your website, and therefore have shown interest in your product or service.

Then, we show them more content – something more specific like a case study, or a product sheet. Something informative, educational, and not sales-y.

It takes multiple touches for prospects to remember your brand, more so to engage with it. And if your business is not an impulse buy, rather something that takes time to consider, this is a stellar way of staying top-of-mind.

Another piece in the foundational marketing activity puzzle.

Have been using Whitespace Marketing for our email marketing and ‘Always-On’ marketing activity for several years now and cannot fault the service and attention to detail. Really friendly too !!

Neil Taylor, Shred Easy Pty Ltd

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