Designing & developing websites that appeal, and convert.

Strategically and intuitively designed websites to generate leads and sales.


Website Design.

It’s our job to create and build you a custom website design that results in more business. It doesn’t matter whether it is ecomm, lead generation, or a brochure site.

Your business website is there to send a message to your target audience, so they engage with you.

It’s there to communicate with your clients.  Tell them your story. Explain why your business is the one that is perfect for their needs, right?

Your business website should be able to act as your rep, when you’re not in the room.

And we think that is all about asking the right questions.

  • How do you want people to feel when they visit it?
  • What sort of personality do you want it to project?

The MOST important question though?

What is the ONE THING that you want people to do when they visit your site?

Do you want them to call you? To buy something? To fill out a form? Or to download something.

Once you have worked that out, you can build the site around it.

Why have individually branded and custom designed websites?

Because every business is unique and different. The last thing you want is to be mistaken for a different company because your website is from a common template.

We focus on the brand, and the business objectives. Matching what your customer is seeing offline as well. Creating a consistent presentation of your business.

It’s that consistency that builds trust for your brand after all, right?

Here are the things that we see as being VITAL for a website which converts:

  • SIMPLE, straightforward messaging. Headlines that make it clear in an instant what you do, and what benefits your bring.
  • EASY, intuitive navigation. There’s no room to be too clever, because people have an expectation about what goes where. Make it easy for them to move through the site, and find the info they want.
  • LOGICAL page structure. Category hierarchy that is practical and makes sense.

Small Business Website Design.

You’re a small to medium business?

Then having a great website that saves you time because it answers your customers questions, is even MORE important!

Plus, your business website design can make you look as big, as small, as corporate, as local – as ANYTHING – as you like.

You can even look global if you want.

We use WordPress for our clients brochure and lead generation sites.

These platforms are open source – meaning that if something terrible happens to the person who built your site, you can find someone else to help.

Here’s the danger of not using open source – you run the risk of being held hostage by the coder. So if something happened to that person/agency, or your relationship soured, you would be stuck. It’s worth thinking about.

Don’t be scared. Getting a beautifully designed, fully functional website is easy with us. We are transparent, and hold your hand the entire way.

And at the end? You will have a stunning, useful business website that you can be proud of (and brag about, just saying…).

Ecommerce Websites.

Creating an online shop design is easy for you, when you work with us here at WhiteSpace.

Shopify is our preferred platform, as a robust, easy-to-use platform – the key is setting it up properly in the beginning. Which takes experience and expertise.

Because online shops are all about converting eyeballs into sales. That’s actually all that matters.

How frustrating is it when you go online, you want to buy something, and it just ends up being far too hard. So you leave.

Well, our ecommerce websites are the opposite of that. 🙂

If Shopify isn’t your thing, Magento and Woocommerce are fine too.

Let’s talk about the look and feel you are thinking about, and watch your dream come to life.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new website! It is exactly what we wanted, after having started with a number of other web companies, and never getting what we wanted, or needed, we are so happy to have found WhiteSpace.

National Ecommerce Business

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