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Small Business Web Design

It’s our job to build you a website that results in more business. Whether it is ecomm, lead generation, or a brochure site, it is there to send a message to your target audience, and compel them to engage with you.

It’s there to enable you to communicate better with your clients, can enhance their online experience, and adding value to your business from a marketing and operational perspective.

It’s all about asking the right questions. Questions like:

How do you want people to feel when they visit it?  What sort of personality do you want it to project?
What is the ONE THING that you want people to do when they visit your site?

Remember that your website is a direct extension of your business – it speaks for you when you aren’t there to do it in person.

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Why have individually branded and custom designed websites?

Each of our uniquely designed and constructed websites are built individually, focusing on each different brand, and each different business objective. We believe that what your customer sees online should completely match what they see offline. Only then will they start to trust your brand, and understand what makes you different.

Having a website that communicates clearly, is easy to navigate, is consistently branded and that your customers love to use is vital. You will never know how many customers you don’t get if your website is second rate. If you are looking to optimise your business with a website that you and your customers love, just contact us for a FREE no-obligation chat on where to start, and where we can take you.

Small Business Web Design

If you are a small to medium business, having a great website that presents your business professionally is even more important. Having experts work on your web design and web development that results in your fully functioning website means that you can look as big or as little as you like.

Global even, if you want.

WhiteSpace uses WordPress for their clients web design and web development predominantly, recommending this open source platform to make future changes and amendments easier. We believe that open source platforms like wordpress, magento, joomla and even drupal for web design offer far greater benefits to any website owner. They allow the owner to use anyone who is experienced in those packages rather than being beholden to just one website development company. That can be dangerous.

So if you are a small business web design needn’t be difficult or scary. If you have WhiteSpace as your web design and web development partners, you will be looked after and guided through the process with your hand held tight.

And if it is affordable web design you are looking for? Let’s talk.

Ecommerce Website

Creating an online shop design is easy when you work with WhiteSpace. There is a lot to consider for any ecommerce website, and it takes an experienced eye to guide you through the process. A custom web design that sells your products should be laid out so that it connects quickly with your dream customers, and that they can find what they want to buy, and fast. Nothing gets rid of a potential sale faster than not being able to find it, or having a difficult purchase process. Simplify at every turn is our motto.

We work with Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce.

If you haven’t got any branding or styling in mind at the beginning of the process, no matter, WhiteSpace can help you develop the look and feel that you need for your online shop design.

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