Aged Care Digital Marketing Campaigns.

Aged care. It’s a growing market, and something that affects nearly all of us at some time in our lives.

Many of us are trying to find the best and most comfortable retirement or aged care facilities to place our loved ones. It’s part of life.

So what is the key to standing out in this crowded market place? Every aged care operator says they care, that the facilities are comfortable, that your loved one will be secure and looked after just like family.

Like, EVERYONE says that.

Here’s how we used that positioning, because it’s very important, but built on it with humanity and respect to achieve some incredible results.


Initial Snapshot

Our client, a prominent Aged Care multi-facility organisation knew that digital funnels and inbound advertising was vital to keeping the marketing running just so. However, when they came to us, the ads that were being run at that time were of the level that made my blood boil.

  • No creative ability to speak of.
  • Poorly written copy.
  • Calls-to-action not clear.
  • Technical back end errors.
  • And an extraordinary amount of set and forget.

(It’s when my ads team reviews and audits accounts like these that I wonder how agencies can be better regulated, but that’s a discussion for another day…)

Our objectives

The objective was leads, as always, quality aged care leads that can be nurtured through to conversion, and an increase in occupancy rates.

So this is what we did:

  • Had a thorough discovery call to understand the client priorities, and what really, truly, makes them different.
  • Created a complete digital strategy using both social media marketing and google ads in conjunction with each other, covering all steps in the consumer journey
    • This was a strategy built on emotional benefits, outcomes of security, with messages of hope
  • Reviewed, and rebuilt the entire funnel including landing page improvements for CRO
  • Added in campaigns all about education and outcomes – helping people understand the labyrinth that is aged care
  • Recreated all the creative to personalise, tell stories, put humans into real residences showing happiness, comfort, and above all, hope.

Our aged care campaign results:

Over 6 months, 750 leads in at $42.46 per lead.

A increase in quality aged care leads, conversion and occupancy.

The response from the client?

“TriCare has been working with Whitespace for the past few months, and our experience has been nothing short of exceptional. Phoebe and her team’s expertise in digital marketing, especially in managing paid campaigns on Meta and Google, has resulted in quality leads and a lower CPL.

Not only is Whitespace knowledgeable and results-driven, but their proactive communication and commitment have made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. We highly recommend Whitespace.”

Leilani Johansen, TriCare Marketing Team

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