Are you wondering how Facebook Lead ads actually work?

Here are some simple guidelines to help you:

— Lead Ads work from an ad to an AUTOMATICALLY POPULATED form, which stays within the Facebook platform.

— Lead Ads are REALLY easy for people to fill in and submit, so it is worth testing out different ways to qualify leads to improve the quality

— Leads Ads are accessible in both Facebook and Instagram

— Leads Ads can be used with still images, videos, carousels and slideshows – good range of creative ad format

— Once a prospect has filled in a Lead Form, you can link the final button to your website so they can go into your retargeting cycle

— Lead Ads are terrific to get someone interested in an introductory offer, or a high ticket item where a sales team can manage the lead

— Lead Ads can be integrated into a number of CRMs for instant email notification that you have a lead

— Generally speaking, Lead Ads can be cheaper, but the quality can be less

— It’s always worth testing out Lead Ads against Conversion Ads to see which one works best for you.