Prestige Plunge Pool | Website & Online Marketing

Website Design & Development

Project Objectives

Prestige Plunge Pools are a SEQ based business which is rapidly expanding and building reputation so they wanted to upgrade their website along with messaging and positioning. They also wanted to reduce the amount of time they spent on admin, responding to phone calls and emails with the website picking up some of the heavy lifting.

What we did

We could see a way to redesign their site so that the flow of the site assisted in addressing the most commonly asked questions, along with helping prospects understand which pool model would suit them best. We also suggested that they have their prices on the website specifically to promote a better quality of lead coming though the site.

The design of the site was based around the stunning imagery of their pools, with short scannable text to promote the user to find the relevant info before getting in touch.

The web structure was redeveloped to be more intuitive and simple for better user experience.

The outcome

The client loves the site, and has reported a 40% decrease in wasted phone calls and emails, with the leads now coming in being more qualified, and therefore delivering a rise in conversions. 

Because of the way that we build our sites, they are also able to add and delete pool models easily, update their galleries, and keep the site fresh and relevant.

Check out the live site here.

Digital Advertising

Project Objectives

Once the website was up and running, Prestige wanted to use digital marketing to generate qualified leads.

What we did

We created a range of different creative formatted ads including carousels, collections, videos and stills, and drove them to a specifically designed landing page. Our objective was to have people fill in the form on the landing page which then went directly to the client for responding.

The outcome

The creative and captioning really hit the mark, delivering over 600 leads in 8 weeks. This has resulted in the client booking out the next 4 months of pool installs.









Well done WhiteSpace, that was a ‘blooming bonkers’ campaign with a million different creatives, so we are very grateful. Some amazing stats, including 13,936 landing page views at just 0.50c per, and 75,569 video watches – leading to over 85% of the 38 events being sold out!

Allison, Digital Marketing, Regional Tourism Organisation

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