We all have websites. Well, we all should. (And if you don’t, stop now, and work on getting one… )

We all spend countless hours making sure they are up to date, relevant, easy to navigate so that when we spend money sending visitors to the page, they are suitable impressed.

But what happens then? Wouldn’t it be GREAT to be able to SQUEEZE every single opportunity out of that effort? Being able to show those users your stuff again, and again…. now that’d be something.



Because after all, you worked out a campaign, an offer, a widget of some description to get users to your site – this is something of which you should be proud, right – so you want to get every piece of mileage that you can out of your hard work and investment.

Because sending traffic costs money!

So why would you not want to get the info on those users so you can show them your offer, your product or your widget time and time again….

Wouldn’t it be great to remind them about your business and your brand a few times to build a relationship with them, build a connection…

It would even be super cool to send them case studies, reviews or testimonials to build your authority…

You can.

It’s called re-targeting.

And if you aren’t doing it, you are throwing away a considerable percentage of your online advertising spend.

Get bang for your buck. As much as you can. Squeeze every drop of value out of your online advertising.