People like to watch.

Like it or not, we all like to watch video – look at youtube, the second largest search engine in the world. As a society, we are all attracted to imagery, so incorporating video within your website makes a huge difference in users remembering what you do, how you do it, who you do it for, and why you do it better.

Why use whiteboard animations to stand out?

It is understood that users who watch animated videos on retail websites, for example, are far more like to make a purchase than those who only read the text.

Whiteboard animations are a cost effective digital marketing method that really promote a memorable online experience.

They are an effective and efficient way of telling the story of your business, the exact services and products that you offer, and specifically why you are the best around.

Uniquely created characters, and well written scripts working together as an animation have a far greater impact on the user experience than blocks of text with static images.
And we can create them for you starting from only $1100, including script writing, voice over and the animation.

See some samples here…

WhiteSpace Digital

The Property App

The Mechanic App

Why get a whiteboard animation?

Go through this list of reasons:

1. People who go to your website don’t understand what you do.
2. Your particular service or product needs to be seen to be understood.
3. You have lots of competition, and find it hard to explain exactly why you are different and better.
4. Your website doesn’t keep the user’s attention.
5. Your website and marketing material doesn’t offer much personality.
6. If your customers can SEE how you can solve their problems through visual means, they are more likely to see your business as an effective solution.

If you said yes to even two of these reasons, then a whiteboard animation is a worthwhile and valuable investment. Call us to get started on your own whiteboard animation today, and see your cut through improve.