If you have ever worked in Facebook Advertising, you will know of the canvas creative format.
This is now known as the Instant Experience, and here are the 3 reason why it is way, way better….

If you have a Facebook Pixel on your website, it will automatically be added to your Instant Experience ads. This means that you can retarget and use the data for future marketing.

Now that 80 – 90% of us are viewing FB on our mobiles, it’s super important to have quick loading websites for our ads – and in all honesty, most of us don’t. With Instant Experiences, it’s like a mini site that loads within the Facebook platform – instantly. Perfect for the User Experience.

With Instant Experiences, you can make it what you want from a collection of all different types of creative formats. From video to carousel to still images, it becomes a fully immersive experience for the user and for you to promote your product.