The greatest and most successful entrepreneurs all put their achievements down to having a great mentor at some stage in their business.
A mentor is not someone who just tells you what to do (well maybe sometimes, but that is simply to keep you on track).

They are there to help with planning, someone to bounce new ideas off, someone to call when a great new opportunity comes up, someone to say “have you thought of this”, and usually, they are someone with contacts which will help you along the way.

What is a mentor?

A mentor is not your boss but more an ear to listen to you and keep you on course.

Most business owners struggle with time and a good mentor will quickly make sure you are focused on what is relevant.

They will be the one who rings you and says, ‘what are you doing’, helping you realise that what you are spending your time on may or may not be the best use of time for the business. They will very quickly point you back onto priorities that will keep your business moving forward that little bit more.

A mentor helps with planning, yes, and they help with business advice and sometimes with contacts, of course, but they should also help with you mental space and capacity as much as all of these more tangible things. That is where real value comes for a business owner. The real value lies in a fresh set of eyes, a new group of ideas and a different perspective.

Of course no-one is good at absolutely everything so clarity is always what gets a business owner to the next level.

At WhiteSpace, not only are we focussed on helping WhiteSpace clients with their branding direction, we also help select businesses with their overall planning, strategy and execution as a mentor when suitable. Feel free to call us for an obligation free chat on 07 38932779.