Voyeurism is alive and well. Actually, it is thriving.
There are always people looking at you. Don’t think so?

Well, let’s ask a couple of questions:

Do you use social media for either personal or business purposes? 
Yes, most likely.

Do you often find yourself just scrolling through spying on what people are doing?
Spying is a strong word, but essentially, that is what we are all doing. So again, yes.

Do you sometimes use LinkedIn to to see what people are up to or how companies are behaving?
Yes, but then it is work, right?

OK, then remember this:

Other people will be doing exactly that to you, and your business.

It is highly likely that you are not the only one who likes to spy on people. We all seem to like it. Voyeurism, that is.

And this is the Number One Reason for you to have a top notch social media presence. Because people are checking you out, whether you know it or not.

Lots of companies sprout ROI information, with buzz words, and some of these have merit and importance.
But the actual truth is that people will look at your profile, your company profile, testimonials, recommendations, and they will develop an impression of you and your business.

It’s called Research.

With so much information available to us on the internet, we are all happy to spend a little bit of time, doing research, seeing what others are saying before we even think about contacting a company.

For example, I was recently looking for a christmas present online for our daughter. I googled this particular collectable horse model (yes, she is horse mad, not sure how that happened) and after finding several sites that sold it, I spent a few minutes checking out their credibility, Facebook page, customer reviews.
I chose the one that had the best online presence believing I had the best chance of good service, quick delivery, and reliable purchase. The other ones lost my business.

People are doing this to you every day and if you don’t present yourself at the top of your game, larger than who you are, they are probably going to skip right on to the next person.

Make sure you are regularly sharing strong content, good imagery, frequently posting, getting engagement.

Make sure there are no broken links or buttons on your website.

Give yourself and your business the best possible chance!

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