Online business  – it’s fast becoming crowded, so compelling customers to purchase is imperative.
Here are 10 easy tips to make sure your site visits become sales.

1o simple ways to get your ecommerce site happening.

Tip number 1 | Know what your customers want.
Know their pain point, and solve it. Be their saviour, or someone they can brag to their friends about.

Tip number 2 | Make the products easy to find.
No more than 2 clicks is the rule, for customers to find what they are looking for. Simplify the categorisation, have the best sellers on the front page, make it super easy.

Tip number 3 | Use GREAT photos.
If you expect people to part with their cash without touching the product, you better make it look good enough to eat. Spend the money to get the best images you can.

Tip number 4 | Help your customers through the process.
Use clear calls to action, a legible decent sized font, and put things like phone numbers or contact forms where people expect them to be intuitively.

Tip number 5 | Use video.
Besides offering advantages in the search ranking system, video allows you to demonstrate and project personality quickly and effectively. Don’t make it too long though.

Tip number 6 | Offer free shipping.
Reduce the number of steps, and surprises that the customers face through the process of buying. Have one price with shipping included, and they will know exactly where they stand. Adding shipping once they are in the throes of buying can quickly lead to cart abandonment.

Tip number 7 | Make the Buy Now button really, really REALLY visible above the fold.
You spent a lot of money and effort getting them to the page, they see the product that they like, then they have to scroll to the bottom of the page to buy? It’s just another step where you could easily lose them.

Tip number 8 | Offer a guest registration
If it is too hard, then customers may well leave.  Having a guest registration option means that they don’t have to fill everything in, but they can still buy.  Every one wins.

Tip number 9 | Have testimonials.
Seeing other people having good experiences with your products is gold for online shopping. Include testimonials and real life stories wherever you can.

Tip number 10 | Declutter.
Less is more – have less on the page so that your products are the heroes. Let them be seen, let them jump off the page, and into the shopping cart.

There are more basic guidelines, like having contact info available everywhere, and making sure that the shopping cart is accessible throughout the entire site, but these will get you thinking about your site. Don’t overcomplicate things. Follow basic guidelines, and convert faster through offering:
– a better experience
– an easier process, with
– better follow up and service.

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