Did you know that:

  • 62% of people will stop considering a business if they can’t find information about it online.
  • And 54% of people say that if a business doesn’t have an ‘up to date’ website and social presence, they won’t come back to them.
  • Telstra Small Business Report 2018

There is no better way to get in front of more people, regularly, and show your authority and credibility. Organic posting is just one part of the strategy, with paid ads being another vital piece. But if you don’t know anything about setting up ads, it can be a little overwhelming.

Let me show you how easy it can be to do, with some Facebook Ad Basics.

Step 1 | Setting up Ads

  • Make sure you have a business page already set up. If you haven’t, do so here: http://business.facebook.com/
  • If you haven’t already got an ad account:
    • Go to your Facebook news feed
    • Go to the arrow on the far right, and click on ‘Manage Ads’ and the follow the prompts to set up your first campaign.

Step 2 | Objectives

  • First thing to think about is objectives – what do you want your people to do when they see your ad?
  • For example, if you want them to watch your video, choose video views. If you want more brand awareness, choose that objective. If you are looking for leads, use Lead Generation.
  • You can run through all the different options here:

Step 3 | Audiences

  • As you go through the ad build, you will see an option for audiences.
  • Choose from:
    • Geographical
    • Interest based
    • Age Groups
    • Or you can load your own audience and use the data from that
  • PS make sure you have the pixel loaded on your site. 

Step 4 | Creatives

  • The creative part of the ad process is where you can really have some fun.
  • Choose from a range of creative formats, including:
  • Add your images etc into the ad build, and then create your headlines and copy.
  • Make sure you have the correct weblink if you are sending traffic to your site.

Step 5 | Retargeting

  • Retargeting is a really important part of Facebook Advertising. It is essentially showing people who have already seen your FIRST ad, ANOTHER ad to reinforce your brand or your offer. Here’s what you do:
    • Create an audience from the engagement of the first ad
    • Build a new ad sending to that audience
    • Remind them that they had looked at you before, and not to forget the offer, or special, or whatever you are promoting.
  • Retargeting can often get a cheaper engagement cost.


So get started, and present your business to a much larger number of people.

If you have any questions, just let me know – I’m happy to help!