Advertising for training organisation is getting more and more challenging every day.

While there are still the traditional methods of promoting your courses eg Trade Shows, Print Media, Publications, social media is really shining as the way to get enquiry.

If you’re a training business owner, you will know it – and most likely, you will be running some sort of promotional content on Facebook and Instagram.

But here is the thing – if you aren’t running to a dedicated landing page, then it is likely that your budget is being wasted. You will be getting what we call ‘Vanity Metrics’ – likes, shares and comments. They feel nice, look nice, but they don’t get you trackable enquiries.

Imagine getting over 1,000 enquiries over a 3 month period from a Facebook Campaign, like this:

1,146 Enquiries, converting at 10%, resulting in $575,000 revenue from $9,057 ad spend.

5 ways to achieve these results using Landing Pages

[ ONE ]
Make SURE your Facebook Ad goes to a dedicated Landing Page.
This page should look EXACTLY the same as your ad – the copy, the images, the offer. It should be seamless from ad to page.
Attention is a valuable commodity – if your page doesn’t look the same, the user could potentially lose interest, or worse, not understand why they are on your page. Keep their attention for as long as possible.

[ TWO ]
Tell people what they should do.
It might look obvious to you that there is a button to click, but to a new set of eyeballs, it could be completely lost in the page design.
Tell them that if they would like to take up the offer, get in touch, get the download, they will have to fill in the form.
In any marketing activity, and Facebook is no different, you have to take people to the one thing that you want from them – make it obvious, and don’t waste the money you are spending on your ad campaign.

Always have a separate Thank You page, with a different url. So when someone comes through your Ad to the Landing Page, and they they fill out the form, they will be taken to a Thank You page to confirm that they have submitted a form. This gives you the opportunity to tell them what is next as well.
By having a separate Landing Page and Thank You Page url, you can install different Facebook Pixel Events on each of the pages – and then track the activity. This is VITAL for understanding how many people are coming through the page, and how many are registering.

[ FOUR ]
NEVER have any other links on your landing page. Not a Facebook link, not an Instagram link, not your navigation system.
If you have an opportunity for users to go elsewhere with another external link, they will. To make sure they contact you, only give them one thing to do.

[ FIVE ]
Make sure it works on mobile. More and more, and of course this is industry-specific, users are on mobile devices.
If a landing page isn’t SUPER easy to use on a mobile device, you stand to lose 80% of your ad traffic.