It’s a big decision – who you are going to entrust with running your marketing to grow your business.

So we have developed a 6 part checklist for you – hope you find it helpful!

And they listen to your answers. The questions they are asking should always make reference to your goals and objectives, what you have done before, what has worked and what hasn’t, who is your target market. The more questions the better.

If you get a gut feel that there is NOT an open way to their communications, trust it. If the agency wants to run your ads through their own accounts, with their own tracking devices, chances are they are not acting with transparency. This is not to say that they are dishonest, just that you won’t be able to see everything that is happening, and considering that this is all about your business, you should be able to see it all live and in real time.

Previous results counts for a lot, but don’t let it stop you if everything else is looking good. If they don’t have specific results in your particular industry, but are able to work across the board, that shouldn’t matter. Proof of success is about attitude and aptitude, and those qualities are vital for a proactive marketing partner.

Getting proof of behaviour and deliverables is a no-brainer. Also check for how long they retain their clients. If they hold on to customers for the long term then that is a good sign for new long term relationships.

Find out who is going to be managing your account. If they are going to be handing it over to a junior once you are signed up, that may not suit you. Just get clarity on the process once you are on the books.

Think about whether you would have a beer with them. Are the sort of people who you would enjoy hanging out with? This is the best litmus test of all, if all the others have been checked off.