Tell them more about us.

Most of our wonderful clients ask us this question at some point, along with making the logo bigger. This is completely normal.
They are worried that the customers won’t know who they are or what they do.

And yes, it is important that the audience understands who is talking to them.

Here’s the thing though: customers are more interested in how they can be helped, how their lives can be improved, how you are going to take some sort of problem away and fix it.

Do you know the only way to find this out?

Listen. Be quiet, and listen.


Only when you listen, can you tell them all the things that you business does – in a way that relates to them. You can list all the features you want, all the things your business does, what your particular product has that others don’t, but it really doesn’t matter.  The product is simply the means to an end.  Buying a beautiful cookbook for example is more about impressing your friends at a dinner party than the actual book itself.


It is very important that your customers know who you are, so that they can become your champions. So yes, the logo and branding does need to be there. But first? They need to see that your product will provide the means to their end.


So, some quick tips with copy:

1.              Keep your language free of jargon. Speak in simple everyday terms.

2.              Identify the benefits. ‘Amaze your friends with a lavish spread that only takes half an hour to prepare’ instead of ‘ 150 recipes’.

3.              Focus on the customer. Remember that it is all about them, not you.


One more thing. Having everything bigger on a page or web layout does not make it better or easier to read.  In fact, it is the opposite.  Using white space around specific elements makes those elements pop off the page.

So remember that bigger is not always better, and it’s not all about you – it’s about the customer.

And listen.