Have you heard digital marketers talk about Conversion Ads with regard to their Facebook Marketing? Have you ever wondered what they are? Here is a simple explanation for you – hope you find it helpful!

Conversion ads are essentially based on someone clicking on a Facebook Ad, and the click takes them to a landing page or website.

The things you should be aware of when running Conversion Ads are:

— Conversion Ads require you to have a clear idea of what you want your prospects to do when they arrive on the landing page, or website

— Conversion Ads require more commitment from your prospects – unlike lead ads, they have to fill out the forms themselves, nothing is automatically populated

— Conversion Ads require a clear consistency between the ad and the landing page – making sure that your prospect knows that they are in the right place after they clicked on the ad

— Conversion Ads require you to understand industry benchmarks for example for a number of industries, we would expect a 4% conversion rate from landing page to submitted form – and then you can look for bottlenecks in your process

— Conversion Ads that use a landing page should always have a Thank You page for once the prospect has submitted the enquiry – this way, there can be a separate tracking event on the landing page, and on the thank you page, and the whole process can be tracked

— Conversion Ads which use Landing Pages can also incorporate scheduling tools so prospects can book in directly to your diary – very powerful!

— Conversion Ads are generally more expensive, but greater in quality, but you should always test out against Lead Ads to see what works best for your business.