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Is PR the right strategy for you?

Do you want people to be talking about your business,
spreading the word?

We know the way .


Great PR is more effective than advertising.

Having a business brand and a website is one thing, telling people about it is completely another.  It is a science.
And that is the science of public relations.

The effective use of public relations means that your business will:

Reach a wider audience;
Have a more credible story;
Create brand longevity, and
Establish mutually beneficial relationships with influencers.


PR -v- Advertising.

Advertising is generally paid spots spruiking your product or service. Great PR however is generated
through word of mouth, editorial, interesting stories, and overall, through online and offline conversations.

Studies report that this kind of dialogue carries more weight than paid advertising.


Promote your new website.

So we’ve built you a fantastic new website.  Now is the time to start telling people about it!

Our packages for new business include:

Launch events (online or offline)
Media coverage
Creation of engaging stories highlighting your brand
Discussion development
Social Media campaigns.

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What makes WhiteSpace
Marketing different?

Everything.  It’s not just the fact that we design and develop fully branded websites, mobile websites and videos. It’s not just the fact that we create seamless app designs and easy to use interfaces. It’s not just the fact that we understand how to talk to myriad audience.

It’s not just the fact that we listen, bringing our extensive business experience to the table, and helping you reach your full business potential. It’s not just the fact that we help you understand all these digital marketing ideas, and work out which ones are really going to work for you. It’s not just the fact that you can trust us, our judgement, and that we will always recommend the best course of action for you, as an individual client.

It’s more than that.  It’s all those little things that you don’t see coming, but we do. The last 1% of any project which pulls it all together, to make it gel and blend the way you want, to highlight the essence of the job.

We take care of those things, and we take care of you.
WhiteSpace Marketing works.
Try us out.

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Sicada Fire & Safety
Thanks so much for the wonderful website you have created for Sicada Fire & Safety.  Its great that you’ve been able to take my rough ideas and thoughts, to create something that looks so professional.  I get lots of favourable comments on how it looks and how easy it is to navigate around.  It is a fabulous asset to have and your ideas to keep it fresh and updated will help keep it relevant to our client and visitors. Thank you!
Alliance Airlines

The website is running smoothly and we’ve received only positive feedback from the redesign. Thank you to WhiteSpace Marketing.

Car Dealership
WhiteSpace have delivered again on our latest Facebook campaign again, supporting our radio and press marketing for our recent sale and helping us achieve record salesfor our dealerships. WhiteSpace continues to make our lives easier, with proactivity, reliability, and consistently high service levels.