HNK New Brand & Website

HNK approached WhiteSpace to quickly develop a clean brand and website ready for an fast upcoming date. Their business is Project Management, so it was important to keep the brand nice and clean, and use colours that showed them as standing out in the crowd. We utilised a eggplant colour, and kept the spacing strong.

The client didn’t want a large website, so we created a single long page site, with a number of sections that can accessed through the navigation, with the page sliding down to that section. The banner area was equally important, to show the size and scale of their projects. The result was a great looking corporate identity, delivered within time, and within budget.






Well done WhiteSpace, that was a ‘blooming bonkers’ campaign with a million different creatives, so we are very grateful. Some amazing stats, including 13,936 landing page views at just 0.50c per, and 75,569 video watches – leading to over 85% of the 38 events being sold out!

Allison, Digital Marketing, Regional Tourism Organisation

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