Tourism | Regional Event Facebook Campaigns

SNAPSHOT | A new food and wine festival with over 40 events across a 2 week period was required to be promoted for direct ticket sales

CHALLENGE | The main challenge was the range and number of different events, and how to structure social media campaigns for both Facebook and Instagram. Then once events were getting booked out, reframing the campaigns to push more out to those who had slower ticket sales.

OBJECTIVE | To educate people about this new event, and get users to book online. To give equal promotion, as much as possible, to all the local operators who were involved running their own specific events.

APPROACH | As this was the inaugural year, and people hadn’t heard of this event before, we decided to use a traffic objective to get the biggest bang for our buck at top of funnel.
— We focused on VIDEO as the best creative format for engagement, awareness and social proofing.
— We developed over 60 pieces of creative for FB & IG feed and stories.
— The traffic objective with the video was the most effective way to reach the largest possible audience, especially because the events had a huge range of appeal across age groups, interests and behaviours, and demographics.

— As we got closer to the events, we updated copy and creative to add urgency, encouraging people to take action with messages of FOMO and scarcity.
— We grouped the videos into set, to bring the styles of the events together.
— The Retargeting component was based on the engagement, time of videos watched and other ‘warming up’ audience indicators
— As popular events would sell out, we would adjust weighting of the budget and the creative accordingly
— It was super important to keep the budget even across all operators

RESULTS | Over a 6 week period, we sold out 80% of the events, getting over 28K unique visitors to the event website page for $0.47 per visit.

— Over 1.7M video plays
— Reached over 1M people
— Over 2.48M impressions
— ‘Above Average’ Quality Rankings
— Average $4.70 CPM
— Most importantly, happy clients and operators!

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Result with this client include:

  • Generating regular uptake for airline carriers through dedicated campaigns, for example:
    • over 670 seats sold from just over $10,000 Ad Spend
    • over $66825 revenue in ticket sales from just under $10,000 ad spend (plus revenue generated through accom and experiences when visitors have landed on the ground)
  • Strategic ‘Always on; campaign, keeping destination top of mind in a competitive market
  • 0.35c ads to a list through a database acquisition campaign

Well done WhiteSpace, that was a ‘blooming bonkers’ campaign with a million different creatives, so we are very grateful. Some amazing stats, including 13,936 landing page views at just 0.50c per, and 75,569 video watches – leading to over 85% of the 38 events being sold out!

Allison, Digital Marketing, Regional Tourism Organisation

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