From our valued client:
“Thanks so much for the wonderful website you have created for Sicada Fire & Safety.  Its great that you’ve been able to take my rough ideas and thoughts, to create something that looks so professional.  I get lots of favourable comments on how it looks and how easy it is to navigate around.  It is a fabulous asset to have and your ideas to keep it fresh and updated will help keep it relevant to our client and visitors. Thank you!”

Sicada Fire & Safety were founded in 1993, and have grown into a national presence in the industry of workplace health and safety.

Over their 23 years, their level of client has grown to include large, national companies, along with the smaller to medium business upon which they built their business, and to whom they remain entirely loyal.

Sicada contacted WhiteSpace Marketing wanting to update their look online, to create a more professional presence, and to build more appeal with the larger client segment.

In response, we presented an overall strategy, one which incorporated the existing client base, but also was designed with the larger clientele in mind.

This was:

  • Redesign the website, modernizing, and improving the navigation
  • Highlighting the existing client relationships
  • Promoting fresh content and blogging
  • Focus on the core services with clear messaging
  • Providing easy ways for people to get in touch, either by phone or an online form
  • Ongoing communication with existing customers through newsletters
  • Seek new customers through social media activities and blogging

Working with the existing brand, WhiteSpace undertook a discovery session with the client to understand the business objectives, and potential untapped markets. While looking after the existing clients is always an important part of any brand update, identifying new markets is equally vital.  New website should always take new growth opportunities into account, for longevity and overall good business sense.

We found that Sicada was working with extremely large clients, but not promoting the fact all that well. The new site clearly shows the caliber of clients, with direct links from the home page to blogs and news articles.  The structure of the site was built around the three core industry sectors, which are Mining, Marine, and Commercial – and these are linked through large buttons on the banner.

In an industry sector like this, positioning is key, and we believe that Sicada is able to position themselves as the experts in their field through dedicated, strategic and regular online communications giving gentle reminders of who they are and what they do.

Using social media and newsletters is a way to make sure you are top of mind for when a potential consumer wants to find a service like yours. Having personality, knowing your stuff, and telling great stories is key to keeping people engaged.

If you need help with telling your story, please get in touch.