10 ways to get your branding OUT THERE!

Branding.  It’s a word that is thrown around with reckless abandon by business people from all walks of life. And honestly, this frequent use by all of us, from corporate branding companies through to smaller branding firms, has diluted the meaning.

For some, it means a logo and a website (it doesn’t).
For others it means a business card and an embroidered shirt (again, no).
And others again think that it is their business ‘story’. It isn’t.

There are SO many elements to branding from which we can choose. The key is choosing the RIGHT branding articles to suit your individual business.

A small business needs branding and design strategies and directions to nurture their client base and appeal to potential customers which are vastly different from a national retail business who is seeking a higher market share in a crowded space. So, the key is knowing your sales process, and developing a brand that suits it specifically.

Where does your brand sit? Has it got the right branding pieces to successfully roar into 2018?

How are YOU getting your brand out there?


Here are 10 ways to make sure YOUR brand gets out there.

Number 1

Make sure your logo STANDS OUT like the proverbial.

Does it stand out to your unique audience? It’s funny – we notice that the less elements a logo has in it, the more effective it is. Clean and clear wins every single time. Do this test: line up your logo with a number of others and see if it disappears, or if it stands out. If it is time for a clean-up, just do it – you will find using a crisp, simple logo far easier that a complicated one.

Number 2

Use imagery that SCREAMS ‘you’.

Are the images you use on your marketing collateral the right ones for your audience? As part of your branding and marketing strategy, a suite of images should be collated for regular use. Even if you get sick of seeing them, your audience will start to remember who they represent. Which leads me to stock images – don’t use ones that are completely and utterly ‘beige’. There is absolutely no point. In fact, our audience is getting so savvy that they know it is a lazy way to go. If you DO need to use stocks – make sure they have personality that relates to your brand. Alternatively, get some shots done – good photography is a terrific investment in your own business.

Number 3

Have marketing collateral that is RELEVANT.

How does your sales process work? Where do you meet prospects and how do you make an impression on them? With a brochure? Or are you online, so an electronic document? Is networking your thing? Whatever your process is, have elements that support that process.  There is absolutely NO POINT in having 1000 brochures in the office when all your communications are done online.

Number 4

Use a lot of WHITE SPACE in your designs.

Obviously. Get the messages you want to stand out – never crowd them. If you have the chance to get a brochure into someone’s hands you want them to get the message super fast.

Number 5

Make your website WORK for your brand.

An enormous number of people have websites that don’t look like their brand. So what happens is the user comes across the business, sees the brand, checks out the website, but, uh-oh, it doesn’t look anything like the brand … whoops, must be someone else. That prospect is gone. For good. Make your website a seamless extension of your brand, have the spacing match the collateral, use the same imagery, only use the brand colours, use no more than 1 or 2 fonts, keep it ridiculously simple.

Number 6

Write for your audience, not yourself.

The tone of your language can be the ‘make or break’ of someone connecting with your business. If your customers are technical people, then use terms that they will relate to. If your product is a technical product but your customers are not particularly that way inclined, refrain from using jargon and simplify the vocab. If your product is lifestyle, use language that is aspirational.

Number 7

Use Email Marketing.

Email Marketing can be your new best friend if you look after it properly. It helps you get in front of your leads and customers regularly – but the key is to deliver content that they want and need. Don’t sell, educate and help.

Number 8

Use social media to spread your unique brand personality.

What do people like about you, why do they keep coming back? Use those underlying streams for your social media activity, and offer educational, helpful content. Refrain from selling – assist. And be real.

Number 9

Get moving with video.

If you can, incorporate video into your online presence. Even if it is adding tips for your specific audience in a 30 second grab, you will be more memorable. And being memorable is what branding and marketing is all about.

Number 10

Sponsor an event.

This is a great way to get your name bandied about, and if you have a good sales / follow up process, can invigorate an old, tired lead list.


If you need help with any of these tips, please just get in touch – we are here to help you!