Growing industry research along with real-world examples point to the massive role of website design and development in improving sales generation and revenue. User-friendly, well executed web design is particularly vital in drawing prospective customers in and converting them into sales and brand advocates.

A website attuned to the needs of the market, including the rapidly expanding segment using smartphones and mobile devices, can improve the flow of online enquiries. These simple elements, for instance, work together to drive more leads for your business:

  • Personalisation of content – Using data from the time users register on the website and leave their footprint through net surfing activities, your design can personalise your messages and make your brand more likely to stick out. This leads to better results, pure and simple, and means you’re not just saying “Welcome” but “Welcome, Chris, and start shopping with us” on your site.
  • Typography – Careful selection of font and formatting of headings, body text, hyperlinks, and other page elements forms unique typography and can influence site visitors to read your content and take action, either downloading your white papers or buying your products.
  • Responsive design – Companies doing research and paid marketing especially need their design to be responsiive, as prospects likely come from everywhere: a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet. Responsive design can help ensure a good user experience and prevent slow website response time or performance.
  • High-quality images and videos – Did you know that the human brain processes visuals thousands of times speedier than text? This means good visual content throughout your web design can drive user engagement and generate interest or marketing leads.

A second-rate website is a recipe for disaster, harming the amount of enquiries you can get through your site and online properties.  It can mean that people just don’t call.

Three of our websites recently launched reported a surge in enquiries without employing any other marketing initiatives!

Excellent, appropriate web design is a move worth taking today.