As a senior in our marketing and creative agency, I regularly have conversations with clients about the use of white space (geddit?) in branding and marketing layouts. From brochure design to web page layouts, branding concepts and promotional designs – the conversations about space remain consistent – everyone wants to put more in.

We believe in taking things out.

Some clients, and even other creatives, think that unused space on a page is wasted space on a page, and want to fill up every layout with as much info as possible.  However, when we show them how it looks, with every single item included in the layout, they soon agree with us.

(On a professional level for up and coming design stars – it’s super important to show clients why things work or DON’T work in a marketing concept, rather than just expecting them to follow your direction.)

Don’t make it hard for your customers to get your message. Make it as easy, easy, easy.

The more items you add to a layout, and that is a brochure, business card, website, anything – the more you take away from the focus. Just check out our work to see what we mean.


It is proven that the human eye naturally understands structured design over cluttered layouts.

White space assists the eye in understanding that design.  Ergo, white space promotes better understanding.

Here’s why:

Improves readability:

If you are using a lot of text in your marketing pieces, breaking it up with appropriate line spacing means readers can scan more easily. The judicious use of white space considerably increases reader understanding.

Emphasises a particular element:

Resist the urge to just make something bigger if you want to make it stand out. Instead, surround it with white space, and the human eye will find it faster.

People like it:

Using white space in your branding layouts makes it more appealing for the audience, because people like looking at something organised. Sometimes they may not even know it, but show them something cluttered, and they will quickly gravitate towards the ‘less is more’ approach.

Get value from your marketing activity:

Don’t waste your money, time and effort in developing marketing that is less than perfectly clear.


Like all things, using white space to its best requires restraint and discipline.  Experienced designers will know how much, where and when, so trust them to deliver layouts which use white space to sell your message. From social media posts, to blog layouts, through to brochure design, logos – everything creative.

White space really is your friend. And so are we!

Do you have trouble in getting a clear message? Is it too hard to nut out exactly what you are trying to do with your marketing activity?
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