Here’s a typical conversation with a client who wants to start building tools for new business:
Us:   Have you purchased the domain name?
Client:    No. What’s a domain name?
Us:    It’s the website address that will represent your business online. It’s a very important part of your branding, helping customers find your website as they become aware of your business.
It shouldn’t cost you very much, around $20 per year.

Us:    Ok, then, have you done a search to see if it is available?
Client:    No, how do you do that?
Us:    You go onto any domain seller website (eg netregistry) where it is easy to do a search for available domain names. Let’s do it now.

Us:    So it’s not available. How does this affect your business.
Client:    Sigh. A lot. The name says what we do, it’s easy to remember, it’s perfect.

Get the domain name right, and buy it. Now.

Sometimes we get clients who are on the tail end of the branding process, they haven’t been happy with the original supplier, various reasons. They will already have their brand done, and their business cards printed, with the web address that they want, but when they go to purchase it, it is unavailable. Disaster!

Once you have the idea, buying the domain name is the easiest step in the process.
Just do it, straight away.

Tips for the best domain names:

•     Don’t make it hard to spell
•     Don’t make it too long
•     Don’t make it too hard to remember
•     Don’t make it sound like any other business
•     Try to avoid hyphens or numbers

Getting people to your new website is vital – make it user friendly, get the one that you want, and get on with business.
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