What is white space really?  How does it affect your business?

White space makes you see the right stuff.

It is the invisible glue holding elements together.

You can’t see it – it is like little connectors that make some things jump off a screen or a page, the things that we, the branding and marketing companies, WANT to jump.

If you don’t have it, then you have too much of everything else.
If you don’t use white space, then you need to see a declutter person, cause your stuff is gonna be crowded. Crowded looking marketing and websites do NOT promote a professional look, so now is the time to start culling!

5 reasons to start using white space now!

Here are 5 reasons for you to start thinking about white space on ALL your marketing.

White space improves website user experience.
Got a website? If it is too crowded, users will run away screaming.  Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but they certainly won’t know how to engage with you on your site.
Use space to direct the users eye – send them to the CALL NOW button, FILL IN THE FORM, whatever it is that you want them to do.

Messages will cut through faster!
Saying what you do in 10 words will communicate better and faster than fifty. Use less words, and less space around those words to make them matter.

Contacting you is easier!
Got a phone number on the top right of your website (like you should?)? Are there another 10 icons or words around the number? How will your customer see the number then??  Just saying…

Less elements looks better.
Having too many elements – words, images, jumble – makes you look like you can’t decide what to put on your website, your business card, your brochure.  Using less gives a perception of control.

You have control over what they see first.
7 seconds is all you have – so make it count. Give your user just one thing to see first – make it super easy for them.

By the way, white space doesn’t have to be white, it just has to be space.
Let’s face it, white really is the new black.

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