Different businesses need different things.
Sometimes business owners need to be shown different ideas, and asked different questions for us to deliver the BEST outcome for their problem.

Case in point:

We recently were asked to develop a range of brochures for a homewares retail store.
There were 5 products each one with a different set of specs, different photos etc., and print requirements were for 1000 for each, so that is 5000 fully branded flyers.

We knew though that this client would be wanting a full 16 page catalogue brochure in the next couple of months though, so we organised a meeting to ask some questions.

We asked questions like:

HOW are you going to use these flyers?
How LONG are you going to use them for?
Will the specs / prices CHANGE any time soon?
Are these to be downloaded from the website as well?

Turns out, this is an interim piece, until the client ranges are completely firmed up.

Our idea:

We offered them a different style of piece, a 6 panel brochure that is:
Fully branded and professional;
Able to be printed in smaller quantities, around 500;
Able to be chopped up for individual downloads on the website.

This was a better option for the client, more cost effective, and totally usable.
So the client paid less for something that was 100 times more usable and effective, because we asked some different questions, and showed them some different ideas.

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