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We are SO excited here at Whitespace, and here is why: ,
The Whitespace Magazine App.
It is available FREE now on iTunes for iPad.

The Whitespace Magazine app is designed to provide another marketing tool for Whitespace, so we can continue to reach business owners in the ever-increasing competitive online world. The magazine will be updated regularly with new articles about branding, designing and working in the online arena. And did you know that we Australians are one of the largest users of smartphone and tablets in the world? So having an app for our business makes the best sense of all.

So why an app?

All good businesses should expand their offerings and diversify to ensure continued growth. As part of our expansion we have moved into the world of app design and development, focused primarily in the business app area.

Why a magazine app?

A magazine app is a great way to get to new followers, and to stay current in a whole new medium. Everyone is using mobile devices, so apps are just becoming a part of everyday life, and magazines are a great way to communicate. And push notifications (those little messages that pop up on your screen when there is something new to look at in an app) mean that we can send a message directly to their mobile device every time we have something new to say, or we have posted a new article.
It’s pretty cool.

Do all businesses needs an app?

It would be untrue to say yes they do at this point in time. However, apps are becoming a new way for interacting with your customers on just one instantaneous medium, so at some point an app can only be a good idea. Apps don’t always need internet access – it is already downloaded onto your customers devices, so they can open it up anytime.

Once upon a time, websites were the ‘must-have’ for businesses, and of course they still are. The same is happening for apps now, and soon (slowly but surely) businesses of all sizes will need one. Even if it is just a reproduction of your website in app form to begin with, this is a great way to give your customers regular and instantaneous access to your business.

So download our Whitespace Magazine app here and enjoy reading.

Download The Whitespace Magazine from the iTunes Store

Of course if you are thinking about an app for your business then get in touch for a chat.