Social media offers a wealth of gains and opportunities for business big or small, whether to attract more customers, or just to stay relevant in the field.

But how do you leverage your resources and manage your company’s social media profiles effectively?

It is important to first identify the key benefits of a comprehensive social media initiative. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms increase your exposure and brand awareness, showing your message to multitudes of people via a single click. They are also a good venue for customer service as well as market research and audience profiling.

Social media allows instant feedback both good and bad, and can help you gauge the success of a product, service, or campaign. It also facilitates competitive analysis, enhances sales, generates leads, improves brand equity, and keeps your business relevant with a good online presence.

But the devil is in the detail. Implementation plays a crucial role in managing and getting good returns from social media – and this could depend on your size, budget, and capabilities.

You may have a social media coordinator or community manager, but they may not be able to be objective about the content required. Tasks include writing and scheduling posts, running Facebook ads, replying to followers, and creating infographics. We can provide training with planning templates to help with daily posting requirements, understanding target markets for paid ads, and forming the overall strategy.

In the medium-sized business area, employees could well be already managing organic activities well. However, they may still need a point person to manage paid advertising for optimal results. In this case, outsourcing all advertising as well as link building activities could be the key to success.

Among large businesses and corporates, it is typical for a dedicated team or department to handle the social media aspects, continually checking the firm’s social profiles. Their social pages are most likely teeming with life through likes, comments, and enquiries, which makes constant monitoring and regular campaign reviews a must.

A third-party agency like WhiteSpace Marketing can quickly assume the responsibilities of planning, executing, and managing social media pages – no matter the size of your business and your current social marketing knowledge. Equipped with tools and the expertise, we can free you of the ongoing demands and challenges of a thriving online presence for your business.