Want to design and build a new business website?

Absolutely no idea about where to start?
It’s a professional hazard, taking for granted the idea that most people know some basic stuff about websites.

Most people don’t.  And neither do they care.
They know how to use a website to buy something, find something, or learn something.
How that happens is of absolutely no interest to them, as long as it works.

Your website just needs to do a job.

Here is a guide to help you create your next website.

Question one | What does your website need to do?

•  Does it need to provide better levels of inquiry?
•  Does it need to communicate to only the right sort of leads?
•  Does it need to provide an online shopping platform?
•  Does it need to provide credibility in a crowded market?
•  Does it need to drive pedestrian traffic?
•  Does it need to offer online support?
•  Does it need to educate?

Your new website can be one or all of these things.
You just need to decide what they are.
Get help to clarify this if you need, it will be time and money well spent.
Start with one clear vision.

Question two | Who do you want to talk to?

•  Why do they want to deal with you?
•  How do you visually display your point of difference?
•  Why should they talk to you instead of your competition?
•  Will they like your story?

The world wide web hosts millions of websites, and it’s pretty easy to get lost in there.
Decide your specific type of customer and talk only to them – don’t cast your net too wide.
Know your customer inside and out.

Question three | How does the competition do it?

•  What works for them?
•  Can you look different and better?
•  Is your business actually, really, competitive?
•  What do they do badly?

Don’t think that you can do things like everyone else, just better.
It doesn’t work that way.
You have got to be different in some way.
Have a new idea.

Question four | How much will it cost?

•  Do I need a custom built site?
•  Would a template design be acceptable?
•  Does the cost reflect the quality?
•  What is my website worth for the growth of my business?

The difference between free, cheap and professional is as wide as The Grand Canyon.  Fixing a budget depends on what sort of business you have, your goals, and how long you want it to last.
Research, decide and commit.

Question five | How long will it take?

•  Is there a deadline?
•  How much time does design take?
•  How much time does development take?
•  How much time will I need to collate info?

The site map should dictate how much content is required. Identify the pages that need content, and source well written copy that is SEO friendly.
An expert may be useful at this point.
Don’t wait for design to start before collecting content.

Is there anything else I can do before the site goes live?

Umm, yes.
Firstly, register your domain. Pretty important.

For business sites:

•  Plan the offline marketing campaign to drive traffic to your new site.
•  Write blogs and social media activity well in advance.
•  Investigate SEO Marketing options.

For ecommerce websites, all of the above plus:

Decide on shipping – can be a minefield if not studied early.
Work on the payment methods – get approval in the beginning.
Write the returns policy, delivery info.

This is a bare minimum of the level of detail you should go into prior to building a new website.
Having a clear direction before pencil goes to paper will save you heartache, time and money.

If you need planning assistance, just contact us.