Right now is a purple patch for training organisations & RTOs, isn’t it? It should be!

Your organisation should be receiving a consistent flow of leads and enquiries, ready for your sales team to convert into actual enrolments for next year.


(If it isn’t, there are some actions you can take to change that, by the way… like one of our industry specific RTO’s that is currently getting 100 – 150 leads per month, delivering a 15X ROI … just saying…)

There are myriad school-leavers looking for the very thing that is going to make their dreams come true, the perfect course to allow them to achieve their career goals, that next big step and commitment towards the next adventure in their lives.

So why would they select YOUR campus to attend, and not your competitors?

Why would they choose to invest in YOUR organisation, and TRUST it to help them achieve their goals?

There are some pretty simple answers to these questions. Like super simple.


Firstly, they don’t know you exist. YOU know you exist, your existing STUDENTS know you exist, but prospects could easily have no idea.

Solution? Tell them.


Secondly, they may have heard of you and checked you out once or twice, but then you slipped off the radar, and another organisation became visible to them – you were quickly forgotten.

Solution? Remind them


Thirdly, they know you exist, and they remember who you are, but they don’t trust you enough to invest their hard earned cash with you – they don’t believe that you will help them make that leap.

Solution? Prove your worth.


All well and good, right? Makes sense, yes?

But how would you implement these solutions? How to make that purple patch flourish?

Well, the way that we do it for our training clients is with Facebook Ads.


First | We tell them about you. We build eye-catching ads that appeal to your specific target market, including:

–         Aviation courses

–         Drone courses

–         Beauty courses

–         Agricultural courses

–         Creative industries

–         Whatever is relevant to your organisation…


Second | We remind them about you. They showed interest in the ad, so we just say to them, don’t forget about us – because our courses could send your career into the stratosphere!

So now? You’re on the radar.

They’re thinking about you as an option.


Third | We show your authority and credibility. We prove that you are good enough.

And the VERY BEST WAY to do that is to have others say it for you. Testimonials. Videos. Statistics. Success stories.

By the time that they have been exposed to this strategy, they have made their choice. It’s a no brainer.

And it’s this way that we are generating CONSISTENT QUALITY leads for our training clients RIGHT NOW.

It’s actually like turning on a tap. You can dial it up, or dial it down … your choice!

Maybe it’s time to do things differently. And for your business to start enjoying the success it should!