Websites have a job to do. They can look pretty, or they can look functional, but besides that, they have to serve a purpose.  And that purpose depends entirely on the end game – the objectives of the business.

So make sure you choose a web designer and developer who understands that.
And the only way that you know they do is if they ask the right questions.

Here are 7 questions that they should ask you so you know you are getting a website that works, for your business.

1. What does your business actually do?
Getting a thorough understanding of the business model, how long have the key people been in the industry, where do they want the business to go, these are all pretty important facts to understand prior to even developing a site map.

2. What do you want your site to do?
Is it for credibility and validity? Are there specific functions that are required? What is the ‘take away’ you would like your users to experience?

3. What makes you different or remarkable?
We all have competitors, so identifying the point of difference that is unique to your business is vital.  How can the website design, imagery and headlines help communicate that difference in a heartbeat?

4. Who are your competitors?
Who else works in your space, who does it well, and who does it poorly, and why?

5. Who are your customers?
Understanding the customer, and making sure that the website works FOR THEM is absolutely key.
What are the pain points that you will be solving for them, and how do you communicate to them that you will deliver on your promise?

6. Are there any specific features that you want on your website?
Websites are not only about branding, they are also about functionality, so ensuring that your site does exactly what your business needs it to is imperative.

7.  Who is going to be updating your website?
Keeping your website fresh and updated is a very important factor for both google and customers, so making it easy for the client to update is a key factor. Using a customer-friendly open source platform is also recommended so that should anything happen to the team who builds the site, and the client needs more technical work done, they are able to source another service provider.

Don’t get a website designer and developer who just puts buttons and pixels
on the screen because you asked them to.

Make sure you have a team behind you who have a branding and marketing focus,
so your website truly becomes the heart of your marketing strategy.

Confused about how to start?  Just call us, we have some questions for you…